The best apps for students

Find the right app that helps you to study the subject you are struggling with right now!

It’s hard to get you learning when procrastination takes over. Who wants to read books when you can just use your phone? These apps will guarantee you an interactive and exciting method of learning, either for your own knowledge or for your exams! 

Learning apps

All listed below have the best ratings, yet there are tons of other applications for learning, that you can access as a student!

Apps for Languages

One of the most popular applications for learning a language is Duolingo, with 99 million downloads on just the Apple store. This application makes it easy for any person to click on a whole list of languages and learn their selected language with interactive media. You can earn specific points and access different topics, or you can dress your mascot in different costumes. This app is available for everyone internationally and sends reminders to those learning to not forgot to access an activity a certain day. Depending on the limit you set yourself, this is an app that will tailor to your schedule and not the other way around. Other applications that include teaching apps for languages: Babbel, Busuu and Hello Talk which are all available for Apple, Android and Windows. 

Apps for Mathematics

It is hard to find math apps that aren’t just for kids on the Apple store nowadays, but worry not! Brainly is an app that allows students to put their homework questions online and allow other users to answer them and hence help the student. This app is not paid and is available to everyone, with English being the dominant language. Also, have you ever forgotten your scientific calculator at home? Well, Calculator+ is an app that is an all-in-one scientific calculator. You no longer have to carry any calculator in your life! For the more traditional type of math app, Khan Academy the way to go. As a teaching app, this app will allow you to access, learn and practice for any exam! It’s for everyone and best of all free! 

Apps to study History

History is not meant to be forgotten, therefore here is the app for you. Timeline- World History (free on Android and paid on the Apple store) is an app that allows you to access the timeline of specific historical events in the simplest of terms. It has many facts and uses interactive media to get the user engaged. A bit more formal application is Today in History. This app gives you knowledge of events that happened in the past on this very day! It recently only became available on Apple but has been a hard hitter on Android. Other apps include: Learn World History (available on Android only), Timeline History Channel(available on Apple only ), and Google Arts & Culture (available on all app stores). All of these apps are free. 

Geography learning apps

learning apps


Geography of the World is an app allows you to learn geography related subjects fast by using the latest cognitive science techniques. It’s an advanced encyclopedia related to geography and includes quizzes to test your knowledge. This app is available on all devices and free of charge! Also, another application is learning facts for fun. World geography is an application that involves you to play trivia on various geographic subjects and overall, you don’t feel as if you are learning!

Maybe the fields above are too generic for you? Then look at these more specific fields, which you can learn from; it might help you and your education! 


MedCalX is an app that allows medical students to interpret medical formulas, scores, and classifications. In other words, it’s your own medical calculator! Available for free on all app stores, students can gain an upper hand with just accessing their phones. Another app that’s quite helpful is the Prognosis. This app will allow you to test your knowledge with more than 400 scenarios, to see if you are on track. No need to worry about quick answer scenarios from other doctors, when you as an intern can answer them straight away. 


Wolfram Alpha is the Wikipedia for engineering students. This app will allow you to ask questions and get them answered by peers. The app uses algorithms and data to help you as a student get the best and most applicable answers and reports for you. TurboViewer is the app to go to when you need a digital but physical model. This app allows you to design and customize models based in 2D and 3D formats. These apps are available on all Application stores and are free of charge.

General exam preparation & study apps

As a student myself, I find it that apps can help me sometimes. Evernote, allows you to take a picture of the lecture notes and allows you to comment on them on the app. Your notes will be much more organized, which will help you go over them in the future. This app is available on any device and is of free use.  Quizlet Flashcards & Homework is a fantastic app that will help you study. You can design your own flashcards that are based on your own specific study material. There are more than 50 million users worldwide, and is absolutely free of use! For more information on general study apps, take a look at college choice or just access your local app store. 

Now you have understood the app world, go out there and get learning! These apps will guarantee some part of the success in your education. Good luck!