The Best Countries in Europe for Young Families


familyBeing a young family is not necessarily easy, but all of us have to get on our feet sooner or later. By the time the first tyke comes around, it is important to have everything decided. Work is one of the most important factors, which need to be taken into consideration when it comes to sustaining a newborn. This is why there is a growing dispute about which countries in the EU offer the best for young families, especially when essential factors like maternity and paternity leaves come into play.

If you are thinking about job possibilities, then you must have thought about the UK first thing. With the new expat policy they offer, pretty much everyone can find a job there at the moment. The maternity and paternity situation is not bad either. As a mother, you get 52 weeks of paid maternity leave. Of course, you do not get compensated for 100% of your salary, but 90% of the wages is more than fair. However, before you decide to start your new family in the UK, take something into consideration. Even though currently the UK is among the most socially and economically progressive places on earth, it is still hard to land a job that pays really well. Even if the money you start getting seems much compared to where you come from, you may end up on the losing specter due to very high costs of living.

For this reason a lot of people decide to try out some of the smaller spots, which are famous for their consistency when it comes to social care. Denmark is among those smaller spots, and for good reason – it was recently announced as the number one country in the World Happiness Record. The unemployment rate is really low, and the country holds the second-highest employment rate for women in Europe. The family benefits amount to the astonishing 4.2% of the country’s GDP. Your maternity leave will once again go on for 52 weeks, but you will be compensated for 100% of your wages throughout the duration. Couple this with the fact that children over 6 months old get a free guaranteed spot in daycare, and you get a pretty good chance.

Norway, is a good example of a country outside the EU, which is faring well. It is another interesting opportunity if you are looking for a good place to start off with your family. The economy has long been stable there, and there are always new work opportunities for anyone, looking to start life anew. However, what really grabs the interest of your parents, are the extensive maternity and paternity packages. The maternity in Norway lasts between 36 and 46 weeks. The money, which is paid for the duration is 100% of your wages when you take the 36 week version. If you go after the 46 weeks, you will receive 80% which is still more than great. Fathers will have to take 4 weeks off of work as well, which is completely compensated. If you are a mother and you wish to return as early as possible, you can do so only 6 weeks after birth.

In terms of economics, especially when it comes to maternity and paternity, Sweden does not look like much. However, for two years in a row it was marked the most progressive country in the world, and many people would actually put it at first place for young families. The unemployment rate is extremely low and many will tell you that the salaries are more than satisfactory. On the maternity and paternity front, you have 420 days of paid leave, with 80% of your wages paid out. Even if that might seem low at first, it must be said that the stretch can be elongated to 8 years, with 2 months taken by the dad – a sure must.

It is really hard to say which the best country for young families in the EU is, so there is no room for the first spot. However, with a little research you can probably find the place, which suits your interests and capabilities best. There is more than one country, which will help you live happily and it is up to you to discover which one is perfect.