Work as receptionist in Hotel

Jobs in hotels as a receptionist can be exciting and challenging. A receptionist is the face of any hotel. Thus, it is needed for a candidate to have and provide friendly plus welcoming approach to any of their guest. They need to comply with core values and vision of hotel and provide satisfaction to guests. So, if you are enthusiastic and friendly, then Work as receptionist in Hotel

The prime job of a receptionist is to respond to all guest requests and queries courteously, carry on all formalities from check in to check out needed and to run desk works smoothly. They would also need offer proper booking services either face- to- face with guests or be it via emails, fax or telephone.



There are many key responsibilities of a receptionist. Let’s look at them from the beginning. From the moment a guest arrives, the duty of a receptionist starts. They need to commence in- house duties like greeting and attending all guest needs and provide excellent customer service. They should be able to resolve guest complaints and keep them satisfied. They would also need to cater to requests made by guests and ensure them a pleasant stay.

When you Work as receptionist in Hotel in UK, you need to be updated with offers and room rates so that they can give accurate information to your guests. You will need to be competent with computer skills to ensure that all reservations and cancellations are efficiently carried out. You will solely be responsible to take care of guest billing process and billing accounts. You would also need to take up the front desk responsibility to complete office duties like filings, directing guest call to respective service departments. Keep a proper track to record all bookings made.

Other than these prime reasons, you would need to adhere to safety procedures and also be able to perform them at times of emergency. Be proficient and comprehend with first aid and health trainings. Reasons for these requirements are to keep all guests satisfied and happy; only then they will come back for another experience.

Skills Required and Desired

• Hospitable and friendly approach.
• Well groomed and good presentations.
• Ability to handle tense situations.
• Ability to make quick decisions and work in a team.
• Good interpersonal skills.
• Have pleasant telephonic etiquettes.
• Good administrative skills with appropriate computer knowledge.

• Previous work experience in customer- focused industry.
• Hospitality experience.
• Familiar with payroll, accounts and returns on VAT.
• Little experience on safety, health and first aid.

Expected salary

Work as receptionist in Hotel in UK, the expected salary could be something around £11,262 – £17, 134 per annum.
While a supervisor or a manager can earn from £15,378 – £44,168 to the highest range per Year.
At times, there are provisions that the hotel you may work for will provide you meals and also accommodations. Though, it is on the total discretion of hotels management system.

Overall the job profile of a receptionist is fun and challenging. You will need to like your job to get satisfaction from it. And the best part is that you will always get new guests who would appreciate your work, and also get guests whom you have already served before and they remember your untiring service. Work as receptionist in Hotel in UK, and it will be the most pleasant service that you could ever offer.


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