Work as a personal shopper in London

Shopping is a necessity for someone, whereas passion for someone else. Being a personal shopper is not a very easy job. You personally need to love shopping for the profile as well as love to work with people. This profile demands its holder to provide undivided attention to every client that comes to them. To work as a personal shopper in London, all that you will need to do is help people make choices and advise them on all grounds to purchase, from gifting to household to choose the right clothing or accessory. If you have a liking to do so, then Personal shopper is just the right choice for you.


Job Description in details:
For a personal shopper, one might have to work in fashion houses that too high- ended or even at a supermarket. Be it whatever, you will need to choose that product and service on which you have interest and good knowledge on. Here are some key duties as a personal shopper:

  • Attend to every client, who has already booked an appointment.
  • Deliver best customer service to every client.
  • Understand the budget of a customer and direct them to the most appropriate product.
  • Take full care to make customer attain their needs.
  • Be knowledgeable about a wide range of product and category.
  • Communicate well about every product.
  • Build good relationship with both customers as well as your co-workers.
  • Meet your target and get all of unsold stuffs back to respective departments.
  • Other than these you will also need to be well groomed and keep clients’ details private.

To work as a personal shopper in London is a fun job to do. All you need to be is dedicate yourself to your work.

Basic requirements

  • Passion for your work
  • Knowledge about a product and also about the difference in culture and values of different clientèle base.
  • Friendly and flexible to be approached.
  • Good grooming sense.
  • Take decisions under pressure.
  • Self- motivation
  • Ability to work alone with a single customer.
  • Teamwork.
  • Time- management as your expected working hours will be 30-40 hours a week.
  • You will also need to be proficient in computers, as the job demands lots of record tracking works too.

These were some points that any recruiter would look out for a candidate at a personal level. But there are some golden key points that will make you a perfect candidate.
You will be appreciated if you have prior experience in retails.
One-on-one customer service.
Having some certification on hospitality courses is an added value to your curriculum vitae.
Some awards for excellent prior customer services are helpful too.

Average Salary

The average salary for employees, who work as a personal shopper in London, as a start will be £16,000 per annum. While it could be around £19,000 per annum if you are working on customized high-end shops. Other than this a manager can get up to £25,000 per annum. The fundamental thought is that the more your clients are, the better you will end up drawing money for yourself.

Career opportunities

A personal shopper has a plethora of opportunities in a fast moving consumer centric world wherein one can grow from an apprentice to a manager within a very short span of time and also lead one’s own team and lead. To work as a personal shopper in London, clientèle may be divided as bridal, teens, male or female categories as to derive specialised attention and expertise over one’s own speciality. Not surprising, there are also avenues to open your own venture and churn money for yourself.


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