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Moving to Australia? Useful information on the costs of living, job opportunities, and visa requirements to work in Australia:

Australia is a wonderful place to settle in. It is a welcoming, culturally diverse country with great natural beauty and excellent employment opportunities. It is no surprise then that millions of people from more than 150 countries have chosen to live in Australia. In fact, around one in four Australia residents was born outside the country, including many who visited for a vacation but ended up staying there for the rest of their lives. But what is it that makes so many people want to live and work in Australia?

Work in Australia

Reasons to Move to Australia:

Australians enjoy a high standard of living. With low pollution levels and lots of fresh air, cities offer residents a variety of places to breathe easy after a day’s work. Indeed, most Australians have all of the benefits of urban life yet can still enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing and camping.

Everywhere you go in the country, you’ll find wonderful diverse natural landscapes, from the famous outback to the Great Dividing Mountain Range. It also boasts a coastline of over 36,000 km that features countless beautiful beaches.

In addition to its natural beauty, another reason why so many people move to Australia is its low crime rate compared to most parts of the planet. It is a safe place to start a family.

Perhaps most importantly, the expat Australia communities also enjoy the career opportunities available in the country. Australia’s economy has remained resilient despite the recent global financial crisis, and the country has a low unemployment rate. At present, there are lots of Australia jobs for skilled workers. And many of these workers who come from overseas decide to stay in the country via a permanent employer sponsored visa Australia.

Required Paperwork to Move to Australia

If you want to work in Australia, the first thing you need to do is to find out the visa options that are available for you. If you have the skills that the country is looking for, then you can submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) via the Skill Select tool. Keep in mind that the EOI is not an application for a visa but just a key to getting an invitation from the Australian government, or sponsorship from an employer, or from a territory or state government.

If you get an invitation to apply for a skilled migration visa, you have 60 days to complete the application. You should note that each visa has different requirements. You should check the requirements first before submitting the EOI. One of the requirements for a skilled migration visa is passing an English language test, which must be taken 36 months before the invitation to apply for a visa.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection will assess your completed foreign degree for a fee. That way they can determine if your degree qualifies you to work in Australia.

If you want to learn more about the necessary paperwork to move to Australia, you can check out the links below:

Where to Live in Australia

Once you have completed the paperwork, your next step is to find a city to live in Australia. Choosing where to live is an important decision. It can impact how successful your move to Australia is, as well as how comfortable you are in your new home.

One of the factors to consider when choosing a city is the availability of job opportunities. The best thing about Australia jobs is that there are plenty of prospects, especially for skilled workers. Since 1978, the unemployment rate averaged 6.9 percent, which is a good indicator of what to expect when you move to Australia. Among the regions, the Australian Capital Territory has the lowest unemployment rate with 4.3 percent. South Australia has the highest rate at 7.6 percent.

Sydney and Melbourne are known to be two of the safest places on the planet because of their low crime rates. They are also known to have some of the highest life expectancies with residents expected to live to the age of 86.

Adelaide is one of the best places to live in the country based on the cost of living Australia statistics. Property prices, rent, goods, and services are reasonably priced. You can easily find a one-bedroom apartment outside the city center for around $980 per month.

Move to Australia

If you are thinking of starting a family in Australia, Victoria may be the best region for you. It has lots of family friendly cities, including the state capital, Melbourne, and smaller cities such as Ballarat and Bendigo. These cities offer a good balance of lifestyle, safety and Australia jobs opportunities. Learn more about Australia’s cities through the links below:

Most In-Demand Professions in Australia

When it comes to Australia jobs, there are several sectors that are looking for talents. These include the digital and marketing sector, the retail industry, cyber security, human resources, the financial sector, and the healthcare industry. Experts have predicted that demand for jobs will increase up to November 2018. As the new generation depend more on technology, there will be a high demand for workers with niche skills.

EU citizens continue to move to Australia because of the wonderful opportunities that the country has to offer. The country provides a high-quality standard of living, good salaries, and wonderful services to everyone, whether one is a long-time resident or a new expat.