3 fields where you can make more money as a web designer

A web designer is one who is the architect of web pages and fits in different graphics and at times, pages of content in them. But casually speaking, there is not a very fine line of distinction between web designers and web developers. The latter group of people have mastered the internet languages like HTML, XTML, java and python while designers are people with creative minds and special artistic dexterity and have sound knowledge of Photoshop and similar designing software. These days you will find, the web designers churning the ability to code the designs they make on web pages by using their programming skills.


When it comes to remuneration, everyone wants to make some extra bucks to fund their basic expenses and luxuries ones too. Here comes three of the most intriguing ways where you can make more money with only your web designing skills.

Think you can do freelancing? Now’s the time!

Let’s consider the perks that a freelancing web designer gets versus the consistent earnings of a full time designer. If you had an option to hire two mediocre workers and a single specialised service guy online, what would you choose, given that the costs would be the same in both the cases? Though it depends on what your project specifically requires, but many a times as per research across the West, it is found that clients find it wiser to employ freelancers for a contractual period of time, those gifted with supersmart skills and efficiency, in place of regular workers who are made to do multiple jobs and are specialised in neither of them.

So if you are good at your work with an experience of ten years or above, then you can easily bag $51000 to $76000. Designers, who are the latest addition to the job market, have no reason to worry as they can get something between $ 22000 and $ 45000 for beginner’s level work. Take a look at three online smart ideas that can add more cash to your monthly kitty.

Online sale of prints

If you can do a masterpiece on an extended Photoshop version, then why not sell it for that extra appreciation and flow of cash? But mind you, your designs need not only be fabulous, they have to be uniquely styled to attract as many viewers and eventual buyers as possible.

Join the market for graphic elements

You can put in your artistic adroitness to design logos and icons for user interfaces of companies looking for superior insignias to make better their existing webpages. Here you will need adobe illustrator along with Photoshop.

Writing for web designing blogs

This would work for you if you are a good writer side beside a web designer. All you need is to pen down your sound knowledge of web designing in an explicative manner. For that you will only have to check out some web designing blogs and register your name for those “How to” articles. You will likely get paid upto $150 for each of your articles. With these highly effective and simple methods, prepare yourself for bigger wallets each time to accommodate all that extra income you make.