Job Situation in Europe for People over 40

In recent years, the employment scenario has tipped in favor of older candidates who are looking for fresh jobs. The situation was quite bleak over the past two decades, but that has significantly improved now, especially in Europe. Various publications have released statistics on the improving job situation for people over 40 in Europe. There are some common reasons that are being spoken about. This could be heartening news for you if you are over 40 too and are planning on a job shift or maybe even a career shift.


So, why is the job situation improving? These are the reasons that are being spoken about.

The current 40+ generation is more techs-savvy.

People who hit 40 two decades ago did not have computers when they were growing up. For them, the sudden intrusion of digital technology was too difficult to take. But the 40+ people of the current generation grew up with computers and the Internet in the 90s. They are already aware of this technology and it isn’t quite difficult for them to hone their skills with the requirements of the day.

There are more youngsters managing teams nowadays.

In the present scenario, people get promoted quickly. Due to this, there are a lot of youngsters becoming team leaders, executives, managers and such. The overall job scene consists of several people who are in their 20s. Now, though these people might have age on their side, they might not have the required expertise that an older person with the right qualifications can bring in. Hence, the young employers and recruiters welcome 40+ men and women quite willingly into their fold. The current mindset is that having older people on the team lends more credibility to the reputation of the company.

Infrastructure has improved.

With the enhancement of travel facilities, healthcare, insurance and other such necessaries, the older citizens of Europe are finding it more comfortable to fit into new companies, even if they are far away. In these new companies, the work hours are easier and the environment is friendlier. New employees find it easy to settle into the new work environment even if they start late in their lives.

The present 40+ generation is willing to experiment more.

Gone are the days when people would stick with one company for life. Now is the time of personal enhancement, irrespective of age. New educational courses are being designed for older people, and once their students have equipped themselves with the knowledge, they are ready to go an experiment with their new jobs. Age is no longer a limit to try out new boundaries.

The salary scales are improving.

Salaries are increasing all over in the European job market. This is an incentive for people who think of changing into a new company at a later age. The promotions and increments that they might have got in their previous employment could very well be on par with the starting salary of a new company.

These are some of the reasons why the job situation in Europe is definitely improving for people over 40. This is good news, because it creates a healthy competition for people of all ages to put their best foot forward.