What is Team Building and why is important

These days you will find that teams are built in many organisations. So the obvious question that would normally hover around you would be that, what is team building all about? Team building is the process of grouping together with a number of people, all of who are working towards a common objective of the company. What a team can achieve and contribute is not the same as the collective efforts of many individual employees summed up together. To take a close look at how team building works and what other purposes it serves, keep scrolling till the end.


Team building is a psychological process that impacts different people in different ways in various magnitudes and depths through the motivation they get from the group as a whole. Teams may be formed within a company depending on a few commonalities between employees. Like for instance, people reporting to the same mentor for training or for a project, may constitute a single team. Few reasons as to why people believe it’s highly beneficial to have teams go as follows:

Self-realisation made easy through team building initiatives

You get to realise a lot of things about your own self or may be previously unnoticed facts get the better of you through teamed work. Check out this example. By working in a team, you may be able to discover those traits in you which existed, but in disguise.
For instance, you may have a remarkably good leadership spirit that goes on air as you are made to coordinate with your co-workers for the same mission. The repercussions that follow from this new invention include the fact that you will be more satisfied with your work as the gateways of progress tend to open up for you.

Interpersonal skills transit from good to better

Well, just take this to be the case. You are superbly great with your work that is confined within the limited space of the personal cabin you have been privileged to occupy under your boss’ order. But when it comes to interaction with clients, your forehead gets all sweaty.
So to have a really good work environment, which mandates work as well as a little fun time for employees to intermingle with each other, there can be no better approach apart from team building. You get to work in teams, communicate your ideas and grievances out to your team members and work things out in a more creative way.

Problems are solved for real

Just as you work with the others of your team, you constantly think of rational ideas and of ways to implement them strategically. Not only does your thinking process grow, but problems that appeared to be unfathomable earlier get solved easily. This happens mainly because you see the others doing the same and thus coming up with newer ideas. Motivation works best this way.
To sum up, team building is one of the best things that a company should promote in order to augment the productivity levels of its workers in a short time span through proper communication and betterment of relationships.