5 Job Skills Hotel Employers Want To See

With the rise in competition in the industry, employers in the hotel industry are looking for key skills that would drive them maximum benefits from their recruits. The hospitality, leisure and travel industry have a potential for growth internationally and domestically. 70 million jobs would be offered in these industries in the next decade. This has compelled people to chase jobs in the hospitality industry.


In order to stand out, the employees are expected to have certain skill set that would appeal to the recruiters. These skills have to be highlighted in the cover letter and the resume to grab the attention of the employers. Here is a list of skills that hotel employers would want to see in their fresh recruits:

1. Establishing connections
The success in the hospitality industry chiefly depends on the ability of a person to develop a positive connection with the clients, vendors, other employees and guests. To make the employers aware of this skill, it is vital to make use of the keywords such as vendor management, guest relations, relationship building, team leadership and client management. It is vital to highlight accomplishments where one can demonstrate one of key skills mentioned.

2. Multitasking abilities
Employees are expected to handle numerous responsibilities simultaneously in the hospitality industry. For instance, a hotel manager would have to deal with an unsatisfied guest, greet new guests, negotiate a contract with any rental company, and fill out paperwork for an employer within a day. Employers are looking for candidates who have managed such circumstances successfully. It is crucial to highlight keywords such as proven time management expertise and organizational skills.

3. Attention to detail
The experience of a guest can be made extraordinary by doing little things. To create an extraordinary experience, the managers must ensure that they have the ability to address to even the minute detail. Your cover letter and resume must highlight skills such as focus on crucial details given out by the guests or exceeded the expectations of the guests.

4. Language and technical details
Language and computer skills are quite necessary to make a good hospitality manager who would stand out from the pack. You can also highlight if you possess any technical expertise. You can mention if you have any special training pertaining to these areas.

5. Flexibility
Hospitality managers need to work for longer or unusual hours. They should be in a position to switch gears during unexpected situations. For this, keywords such as versatile, resourceful and adaptable need to be highlighted to grab the attention of the hotel employers. Any scenario where you’ve successfully managed such situations in your previous job would be an added advantage. Successful hoteliers understand that guest feedback can have a significant impact on their image. Hence it is vital for them to hire candidates who can easily gel with the guests making them feel comfortable along with serving their actual duties assigned to them. Candidates who would deliver quality service have a high chance of getting employed in the hospitality industry.

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