In Conversation with Contemporary Web Startups at the Web Summit

For the second year running, our Euspert team decided to take part in the Web Summit in Dublin, a unique event that connects virtual businesses from all over the world. This time, we wanted to discover not only who the new interesting players in the world of startups are, but also to find out if and how they are supported by their countries. We spoke to representatives from several countries, but our main goal was to learn about the real-world experiences of real companies. Since an important slice of Euspert’s focus is the world of work, we also wanted to know how new startups are dealing with work processes.


Let’s see how the challenges of being a new startup have been faced by businesses from the Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, Italy, Slovakia, the UK and more.

#1 BimBimBikes Bike Rental Platform – When a hobby becomes a life’s business

#2 Handiscover accommodation-booking website dedicated to people with physical disabilities

#3 Zusa: Businesses tailor-made for everyone in one app

#4 Daytrippi, Find an activity at your destination

#5 Upgrade Digital offers hotels’online presence a five-star upgrade

and… new interviews coming soon