Author: Marco Fattizzo

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What is crowdfunding and How does it work

Crowdfunding is a relatively new concept in which a project is posted on a website, and people pledge to support the project. Read More

Working as a Hostess wearing a veil

Sara Mahmoud A recent ruling delivered in Italy is likely to set a precedent in matters concerning the balance between religious freedom, integration and the right to work (in Italy and throughout Europe). The facts can be summarised as follows. In 2013, an event staffing and promotion Agency (Evolution Event) located in Imola (province of Bologna) posted a job offer announcing the recruitment of hostesses for the distribution of leaflets. The candidates would have to work at an important footwear fair. The job offer targeted good looking young women (nothing strange considering it is a job where image is crucial) with long and fluffy hair. Generally speaking, job offers can not discriminate based on physical beauty or haircut, but it is obvious (perhaps, it is unnecessary to stress this) that exceptions are made for image jobs such as actors, models and certainly hostesses in fairs and exhibitions. Sara Mahmoud, a ... Read More

Paternity Leave and Pay in UK and USA

Defining Paternity Leave Paternity leave can be defined as the time which a father takes off from his work at the time of birth or when adopting a child. This leave type is rarely paid by companies however, there are few progressive companies that are offering paid time to new dads and which can range from a few days to few weeks. The leave period can start only after the birth and should end within 56 days of birth. There are also options of Shared Parental Leave if your child is due or is being placed for adoption purposes on or after 5th April, 2015. California State was the first to offer this type of paid leave. New Jersey and Rhode Island have also passed this leave law and other states are considering it as well. Paternity Pay Employees willing to obtain paternity paid leave will fall under the Statutory ... Read More

How to read a Job posting and understand

Over the ages, the tradition of job posting has improved and technologically developed from just a small advertisement in newspaper to the gigantic network of online blogs and emails and even the job postings on their active websites on the internet as well. If you are an active jobseeker looking for employment in the contemporary world, reading job advertisements and sending in your resumes and application for the particular position would be a part of your life’s daily routine. You see a job posting in a newspaper or over an online website sponsoring a particular advertisement of a job opening. You send in an application with a resume and wait for a reply whereas after all the wait all you get back is an automated Thank You Message over an email. It is quite disappointing for job applicants to get a response like this after so much work and research ... Read More

How to Work In Retail Fashion

Working in a retail clothing store is not just competitive but also stressful. The job opportunities in retail fashion range from working as a sales assistant to working in a warehouse. The jobs require working in shifts over the weekends as well. This sector is quite exciting to work because it’s always changing and is fast paced. One requires to demonstrate a passion for fashion to survive in the retail industry. A basic education in fashion relevant industries can prove out to be beneficial. An enthusiasm in the sector is vital to make a positive impression on the employers. It is vital to demonstrate a team player attitude, possess good communication skills, be good at making decisions, should be creative, organized and practical. The employees of a retail store are expected to make the shopping experience of their customers as enjoyable and easy as possible. They need to follow the ... Read More

Lying on Your Resume, is a Bad Idea or a good idea?

If you’ve been called for an interview, then the chances are quite high that the employers have already decided to hire you based on the information furnished in your resume. What if you lied by presenting inaccurate information? As per a recent estimate, people lie while submitting job applications. They make changes in their employment dates to hide the gaps that exist in their employment. They even claim to possess experiences which do not live up to the scrutiny. Many people claim to have finished degrees and training which they only commenced and never completed. Many people falsify military service, salary history and job titles. People resort to lying because they are scared that they wouldn’t be hired. Lying on resume about qualifications would only harm people in the long run. You would end up getting fired as soon as your lying is figured out. Few companies verify the employment ... Read More