6 TOP appreciates hobbies and interests in CV (and why)

One of the traditional ways for a successful resume has been to put in attributes that can closely match the job description. This was thought to be an effort towards maximising your chances of getting selected for the position you have applied for. For instance, a person seeking for the job of a salesperson is more likely to be interviewed and selected if he mentions his persuasion skills, effective marketing abilities and customer-friendly nature in his resume. Knowing this, here are the top six picks of fascinating hobbies that can help you increase your employability.


These days, bigger deals get signed over friendly conversations held at lawns, or over a round of tennis. So what one might conclude from this is that, you can state some of your outside interests that can help the employer know you well, understand your passion and zeal in a better way and an idea on what motivates you the most. So the idea is to state your personality traits in a way that will make them feel that it is you who will be best suited for the position at hand.

#1 Sports

It has been observed that mentioning sports in the resume of job seekers has given an extra leverage to their CVs. It is because these candidates being healthier and fitter are expected to work more productively than the rest. Certain team sports can help you even more, say, if you have been the member of your college football team and have mentored your pals many a times, then that gives the recruiters a more or less idea on your leadership skills and gets you more consideration, especially if it is a management job that you are looking for.

#2 Reading

Reading as an interest can help you to define yourself in a fuller way in front of your interviewer. If you refrain from the specifics, then a general reading conveys that you do not intend to limit your knowledge to what is just required for your survival. Rather you wish to go beyond that. However, elaboration helps the recruiters understand you even better. Like, for someone who has mentioned reading fiction in his CV gives an idea that he is into imagination and innovation.

#3 Exercising

This again, highlights on your fitness regime. Infact doing the daily yoga can boost your brain’s power, reduce your stress levels, and relieve your anxieties, makes you more capable by revitalising you.

#4 Strategy building puzzles

Interest in mind games inclusive of chess, puzzles, sudoku can reflect your potentials as a strategy maker. This is an effective way to let hirers know your mental abilities which can only add to your employable chances.

#5 Creative writing

Writing gives a rough estimation of your thinking abilities which is often favoured by many recruiters while making the final selections for marketers or designers.

#6 Sociability

Social skills do fit the list of six interesting hobbies that can stop employers from yawning and putting your CVs with those of the rest of the applicants whom they are not sure of whether to hire. Socialising is important to make people know that you are not a loner, you will coordinate outside your comfort zones with people you are not much close to, if the need arises.

So fuel up your resume with these points relevant to the position you are applying for.