6 top Green Jobs 

What are the salaries and career opportunities in the Environment?

Green job

A green job is characterized by an act that can help preserve nature. Green collar job, as it is often referred to, aims at reducing pollution levels and global warming by bringing down carbon emissions from fossil fuels, checking on air quality, protection of natural habitats and biodiversity. Various programs like carbon credit trading, polluter’s pay principle and the annual summits held worldwide addresses the above issues that tend to impose social costs altogether.

In the midst of all these eco-friendly actions what gets often suppressed is that some of these green jobs are highly rewarding too. Parallel with clean and green research and development, you have a lot of green career options before you. Check out six such opportunities associated with green jobs.

Green work, broadly speaking, can be classified into two categories:

One that deals with manufacture of goods and services with the motive of boosting green practice in the society.

The second type of green jobs is oriented at closely inspecting the extent to which corporate houses are causing environmental degradation and also suggesting those measures.

Environment salaries

Going by the number of zeros that a job gets you on your monthly pay cheque, the profession of an attorney has gained over increasing popularity for good reasons. Here the perfect icing on the cake would be to practice environment law and eventually landing up in a construction firm where you would most probably be standing up for environment protection laws. Besides, you can even help your clients in getting environment clearance certificates for their newer ventures.

Physicists at solar power industries

Along with chemists and engineers, these physicists get hired by solar industries to augment the efficiency with which to work with solar technology in all their projects. And statistics of employment shows that in terms of packages, you as a chemist or a material scientist can get nowhere closer!

Material Engineers on-demand

These engineers are often required by agencies for designing eco-friendly commodities for public use. Say, a country keeps a check on its pollution levels by replacing more and more of their public and private transport systems with their electronic versions. Also, civil engineers can help architects in designing buildings having greener technologies in them.

Geoscientists monitoring damage to environment

They study the structure of the earth and see to it whether water level below the surface is seriously adulterated by mundane worldly events. As per their suggestions based on assessments, coal and natural gas are extracted from locations which are less prone to effluence.

Other two per se

Others would include the work of a construction manager who is accountable for planning and making budgetary decisions so as to supervise over construction projects. Biochemists on the other hand, with their research work and findings can help make people realize the damages on health caused due to contamination.

As some of the success stories of these green collar workers demonstrate, scope of such jobs are not as limited which is the case with many other high paying jobs. In addition to that, you get the gratifying feel that your course of actions are targeted towards saving mother earth and also in making it a better place to live through greener services. All in all, with internal satisfaction joining hands with external rewards, you look forward to work better and more productively.