CV hint: Problem Solving Skill

Have you ever wondered what makes an employer hire you? Apparently, this decision is not taken out of the blue and it depends much less than you imagine on your hairstyle. Usually, when a company is seeking to staff their uncovered positions, the eligible candidates must fulfill their requirements. Certain qualifications, language proficiency, degrees and certificates are things that matter significantly in the area of job seeking. But, do you know what really matters? Problem solving ability.


Problem solving ability actually is a core skill, which assists you in coping with everyday difficulties, making you more flexible and adaptive. The fact is that everybody has problems and everybody wants them to be solved, that includes your employer too. So, problem solving is the basic concept that applies to every job seeking stage, from sending out CVs and cover letters to your interview and hiring. It covers the hidden question behind every job interview and you are called to answer it effectively.

Now, let’s analyze problem solving ability into its basic elements. Firstly, to solve a problem you need to spot and fully recognize its dimensions. This can be a matter of strategy, observingness or pure lack. Let me set an example for you. You may notice at some time that a company is having difficulty maintaining consistent and effective correspondence with its customers. This is definitely a problem for the marketing efficiency of this company.

After spotting the problem, the next step includes taking action. Carefully design a solution, employing the factors that will help and altering the dysfunctional ones. In our example, instead of complaining for your poor mail quality, grasp the opportunity and sell yourself. The correct approach to a manager is not “What can I do for you?” but “I CAN solve/do/alter/change/modify that for you.” So, this is my first suggestion. This way you are not only claiming effectively the open positions, but you can also create dream one’s for you.

Now, you can understand why problem solving ability is of great importance. It is the skill that your employer would like to see in you, much more than your qualifications and languages. You may have a PhD in Psychology, but a less qualified candidate can steal your position by detecting a specific problem and offering a solution. Taking account of all the aforementioned facts, keep in mind that your CV and cover letter shouldn’t be like a lifeless pile of certificates. Again, your interview answers should not be just you presenting a list of qualifications. Keep it vivid, explanatory and convincing. Of course stating “Great problem solving skills” in your resume or motivation letter could lead your dreamy career into the garbage bin. So, let me set an example of a bad statement and a statement that implies great problem solving abilities and is convincing.

a) “I have excellent managerial skills and abilities. I have a master’s degree in Business Administration”

b) “I can effectively lead a team, and also organize and regulate successfully the pending projects. I have been the head of a graphics designer team for the past three years. The most difficult time in my career was when I was notified that an employee’s mistake lead to the erasure of a client’s project that should be delivered soon. I immediately gathered my team and dispensed the assignments. We worked overnight but the project was delivered on time”

So, which person would you hire? Who is more convincing, seems more honest and straightforward?

If you advertise your abilities in an honest and to the point manner, you can make a difference. Give examples of your qualities and advantages and successfully promote yourself into the business world.