6 Tips for Nailing an Interview & Conquering Your Nerves

Interviews are the most stressful and horrific experience for some people which makes them lose out on their dream jobs only because they were unable to keep a tab on their nerves. If you are one of those who get manipulated by the jitters and surrender in front of your nerves, then this article for all you folks. It’s important to accept that nervousness is a natural feeling before any important event in life, even before and during interviews.


Here are some amazing tips to conquer your nerves and nail that interview to get your dream job.

#1 Preparation is the Key: A certain amount of stress is healthy as it keeps you on your toes whereas; preparation helps in keeping the nerves at bay by making you feel confident and make you actually await the interview and helps in channeling your energy in the right direction. Preparing and practicing goes hand in hand and you’ll be able to own the interview.

#2 Be Positive: Your thought process is the game changer for the interview you are about to face. Changing the way you think affects the pressure levels in a great way. Interviews should be viewed more as an interactive session with your would-be employers or as a challenge to overcome instead of a judging platform. Let go of the burden of giving perfect answers and focus on your strengths.

#3 Practice Makes You Perfect: The fear of the unknown is the actual cause of interview jitters coupled with the anxiety of inappropriate replies. Practicing common interview questions doesn’t harm anyone but would only make you feel comfortable about the interview and boast your confidence to give your best in the interview. Rehearsing the answers out loud with a friend is proven to be more effective.

#4 Take Time: When you feel the pangs of nervousness gripping you, take your time to relax instead of rushing through the answers and messing it all up. Breathe deeply and give a few seconds in framing and articulating your response on the asked question.

#5 Picture Success: Picturing consists of going through the interview and getting the job in your head prior to the interview. When one focuses on the best and perfect scenario, it helps the nerves to calm down and maintain your composure for the interview.

#6 Don’t Dwell: Once you’re done with interview, don’t worry about the things you said or didn’t or about the silly joke you cracked. There is always room for nervous allowances by the interviewers.

Don’t forget to get a few copies of your resume and reach the interview location before the scheduled time to rule out the chances of getting late.