The Most In-Demand Student Jobs in the UK and Where to Find Them

With the ever-increasing costs of tuition, accommodation, books, and entertainment, student life in the UK can be tough. That’s not to mention the increased expectations of a highly competitive job market after you graduate. You may be thinking of taking on a part-time or summer job to help cover the costs – or an internship to help strengthen your CV.

But what kind of work can you expect to find? How much money can you earn? What kind of experience should you hope to get? And what are the best websites for finding the right student job for you?

In-Demand Student Jobs in the UK

Student Jobs in the UKSome positions are seen by employers as ideal for students – and for good reason. Here is a list of some of the best jobs for students in the UK:

#Bar/Restaurant Staff

There are a number of reasons why working in a bar or restaurant can be a fantastic choice for students. There are plenty of evening hours available, so it’s easy to fit your work around your lecture schedule. You’ll also be able to supplement your wages with tips. What’s more, you might also get some free food or drink out of the deal, too!

Expect to earn: £7.00 – £10.00 an hour (+ tips)


Retail jobs are another great option, particularly if you have a passion for the products. With positions available selling clothes, electronics, phones, computer games, books, and more, there’s an industry for every interest. Many retail jobs offer evening hours and weekend work. Another bonus is that they often provide generous employee discounts. Perhaps most importantly, they can give you vital hands-on experience in an industry that interests you.

Expect to earn: £7.00 – £10.00 an hour (+ employee discounts)


Having achieved your dream of entering university, you have reached a level of expertise that can be tremendously valuable to younger students and their parents. Teaching one-on-one classes in science, maths, and other secondary school subjects can be highly lucrative, as can online one-on-one language classes. If you’re a post-graduate student, undergraduates are often willing to pay top dollar for your help, too. Tutoring jobs like this have the additional benefit of helping you review what you have learned. What’s not to love about that!

Expect to earn: £15.00+ per hour


If you’re a fit and active kind of person, perhaps you should consider becoming a part-time Deliveroo rider. Roomen and Roowomen can set their own schedules, and recent law changes mean that they have a right to at least a minimum wage in the UK. Plus, most people in the UK tip for food delivery.

Expect to earn: £7.00 – £14.00 per hour (+ tips)

#Event Staff

Want to head to Glastonbury but can’t afford a ticket? Why not get paid to go! There are tonnes of event staff required for festivals, shows, football matches, and other events all around the country. Typical positions include bar, waiting, security, and customer service staff.

Expect to earn: £7.00 – £10.00 per hour


If you’d rather focus on strengthening your CV than fattening your wallet, then an internship may be the best option for you. Hundreds of companies and organisations in all sectors take on interns, offering valuable, hands-on experience in a range of fields. Financial benefits vary wildly, with some companies offering generous compensation and others giving just minimal support for travel and food. Regardless, the experience internships provide can help to raise you above the competition in the “real world” after you graduate.

Expect to earn: Variable

Where to Find Student Jobs in the UK

Like the sound of any of those jobs? Student positions like these are available on popular employment websites in the UK like Monster, Fish4Jobs, and But there are also some great jobsites aimed specifically at students.

Employment 4 Students bills itself as “the UK’s most visited student jobsite.” It has sections for part-time/holiday positions, gap year jobs, internships, school leavers, and graduates. You can search for jobs based on region, sector, type, working days, and more. At the time of writing, there are over 16,000 jobs advertised on the site. is another popular UK student jobsite. You can scan job opportunities by city, type, and level of education. You can also just search for part-time work, summer jobs, internships, or graduate positions.

Whether you’re looking for something part-time to help pay the bills or something that will give you valuable experience for your future career, we here at Euspert wish you the best of luck with your job hunt!