Enrolling at a University in Holland

Registering for a Bachelor or Master's program at one of the Dutch Universities? Check out our useful guide through the registration processes

Are you considering studying University in the beautiful Kingdom of the Netherlands?

Internationally recognized degrees, education programs in English or affordable tuition fees are only a few of the attractive aspects that can help you to decide. 

Once you are sure that Holland is the right place to attend a Bachelors or Masters program,  you should start to investigate the system for which the application process takes place. The steps required are quite simple but are also important to know before you start registering for your chosen degree.

  • Entails the information that every soon-to-be university student should do.
  • Make sure you research the university you want to study at and research a multiple of them (do not only choose one university).
  • Double-check you have the grades, language and all professional requirements that a Dutch University requires you to have. 

Register for Studielink

Let’s see the registration process for any of your chosen Dutch Universities. Studielink is a centralised application system, where you will submit all the needed documents that the universities want from you.

On Studielink you can find a complete list of Dutch Universities, with all the degree courses they offer.  It is very important to keep in mind the application deadline, as each university has its own deadlines for applications, and late applications will not be accepted.

Additionally, make sure your profile is complete and all fees for Studielink are paid so the universities can keep you under their potential candidate list. Moreover, since you already paid the generalized fee of Studielink, it will not harm you to apply to more than 1 university. Some universities will send you notifications via Studielink (whether they need more documents or whether they accepted you or not). This information will be linked to your own personal email that you have registered on Studielink with. Universities might also send a login and password for their own university portal, where you can register for your course. Either one of these options would depend on the procedure of the application process of each University, but keep in mind to register through Studielink first!

Wait and hope for the best!

If you are successfully accepted into the course that you have chosen, and you have already submitted all required documents and grades, the University will offer you a place in the course. This is not where an accepted student can relax though!

Find the right place to live

 If you are registered at a public Dutch university, they may offer you student housing, but for a maximum of one year and then you need to find your own place. 

Actually, finding accommodation in Holland, especially in Amsterdam, is not particularly easy, so, the sooner you start searching, the better..

Some useful information about accommodation for students in Holland you can find in Holland international study centre.