How to turn your Christmas temp job into a permanent opportunity?

During the Christmas season, shops start laying a focus on their seasonal recruitment strategy. It wouldn’t be hard to find recruitment signs almost in every shop you come across in the streets. The seasonal recruitment can be a blessing for people who are looking to earn some cash. With so many recruitments happening, it is quite inevitable that only a fraction of the temporary recruits gets to join the permanent team of employees

How can one ensure that they secure a permanent position?


The first and foremost thing to do is to secure a Christmas vacancy that has been advertised. You need to keep an eye on the retail websites and shop windows. Make sure you present your CV well, which would give out a positive impression. After securing the job, you need to consider several things which would create an excellent impression on the managers which you are enjoying your temporary seasonal job.

Have a clear frame of mind

There are any people who think it is al-right to end up late or give few shifts a miss as they are under a temporary contract during the Christmas season. It is vital to treat temporary jobs equal to a permanent role if you wish to secure a permanent position in the company you are employed with.


You should keep yourself active while serving the role and should put in efforts to offer any last minute service if any other employee falls sick. Your adaptability will be noted and appreciated by the managers as retail shift patterns are quite fickle.

Remain positive

Christmas season is quite a stressful season; especially when you have secured a job in retail a store. Busy shops and flustered customers can leave you exhausted. However, you need to remain positive and calm which are considered to be excellent qualities while interacting with customers.

Do not complain

You shouldn’t under any circumstances complain if you have to end up working the entire day during the holiday season. Just embrace the situation by remembering that this was a part of the contract you signed during employment.

Express interest in the tasks

You don’t get anything if you don’t ask. Employers may ask you during your interview, whether you would be available to work after the holiday season or not. You need to be prepared for this well in advance if you’re planning to secure a permanent position in the organization.

Show interest in knowing your colleagues

It is quite surprising that many temporary recruits don’t spare time in interacting with the permanent staff members. Management would always keep a tab on the temporary recruits who put in efforts to gel with their existing staff. Team effort is vital for a successful retail operation. Demonstrating this skill will earn you a positive score in the eyes of the employers.

Don’t be disheartened if you don’t manage to secure a permanent position in the company. You can request the manager to save your details and get in touch with you in case a vacancy arises.