TOP 12 MOOC and online training for free


MOOC or also known as the one of the newer ways to learn and study for those who want to grow their skills across any level. These courses are mostly for people who are not able to access real education for many reasons like financial problems, time, and disability, access to education or due to many other reasons. Here are some of the open institutes that offer MOOC like courses:

#1 – EdX – This is owned by the Harvard and the MIT University. They are one of the largest providers of MOOC education and also internationally. There are various topics including, business, biology, computer science, chemistry, economics, finance, electronics, science, statistics and more.


#2 – Udemy – This online academy has many paid sources that they have. There are many other courses that are for free. A couple of good resources include materials like – ‘Build your first website in 1 week with HTML and CSS3’; and ‘becomes an ios developer from scratch’.


#3 – Harvard open courses – through OLI or the open learning initiative, they have a wide range of free courses to almost anyone around the world. Topics covered include humanities, arts, management, computer science, and many other online courses.


#4 – MIT Open Course wear – There is a large scale of MIT course materials that has many free online courses that are available to anyone from anywhere.


#5 – Apna Course – They provide you with trainings and certifications that are online based that also helps employees who are outside the country. This course is mostly targeted towards work professionals and those you has to gain skills to jump up higher into the in the corporate leader.


#6 – Digital Business Academy – This will help many keen learners to learn the skills of business and also join or start an online business of their own. Some of the course offered are ‘developing of digital products and marketing and branding ‘. These are some of the free courses that are offered.


#7 – Duke University – They are one of the most leading pioneers of education industry that are providing courses free of cost. There are many subjects including healthcare, human physiology, astronomy, data analysis and more materials are available.


#8 – Edukart Open – This platform was developed in India as a portal of distance learning and an online education group that provides and delivers information about the free MOOCs all throughout the world.


#9 – Forum Academy – This is a world economic forum that has launched their own MOOCs format as a subject including global IT network. Some of the courses include IT outlook, automotive industry future, and understanding of social innovation or more.


#10 – Coursera – Coursera provides universal access to the world’s best education, partnering with top universities and organizations to offer courses for anyone to take, for free.


#11 – Open Yale Courses – The Yale University is known to be providing free access for selection of introductory courses through their platform.


#12 – OpenSAP – The IT based MOOCs that provides HPI and SAP from Germany. They have been awarded many feats due to their very helpful online course.