Importance of Personality Test during Job Interview

Personality test can be described as a test of your career which is directed towards explaining the aspects of an individual’s character which remains stable in different situations.

Explaining personality tests
The test aims in analysing the personality traits in different categories. The principle underlying the career test is to quantify the basic personality characteristics by determining your feelings, behaviour and thoughts. The individual will be presented with different statements which will describe different ways of acting and feeling.

hook-881441_640According to a recent survey, it has been indicated that about 30% of all companies are including personality test in their hiring process. These tests are incorporate for a variety of reasons. The common reason is to evaluate the candidates applying for a job so as to find the best fit for the position. Screening candidates, interviewing them and hiring applicants tend to be cumbersome task for employers. Basically, employers have very little information about the applicants and spend only few hours with them prior to making them an offer. Obtaining additional information can be really helpful in the decision making process. Through these tests, employers can also provide support to the individual strengths of their employees along with creating effective teams.

Personality tests have become an integral part of the hiring process and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is the best known personality assessment used by companies. The test has been designed to assess the different aspects of human personality however, according to John Demartini, a specialist in human behaviour, determines the underlying principle of the test to have flaws. The specialist claims that the test demands every individual to fall within the 16 pre-determined categories. This can be quite misleading for businesses as human beings react differently in different situation depending upon the context. Many individuals can vary in their reactions and approaches based upon the environment in which they are living and can demonstrate a complete range of traits. This attitude test is prepared by renowned psychiatrists as well as experts on personality archetypes. These experts identify four different pairs of opposed psychological elements which includes the flow of energy through extroversion and introversion, how information is learnt through sensing and intuition, how decisions are being made through thinking and feeling as well as how situations are being dealt through judging and perceiving situations.
Surviving a personality test job does not have standard rule. Remember one thing; you cannot charm a personality test. There is no fail or pass in these tests. The designers of the tests can determine whether the candidate is attempting to give answers which the employer is willing to hear. You obviously cannot cheat on these tests however; there is still room for improvement. The best thing is to stay honest and give answers that you think fits best in your personality traits.

Tips to get prepared for personality tests

  • Visualize yourself to fit in the situation
  • Select answers that suggest positive answers
  • Avoid giving answers which suggests negative traits
  • Look out for integrity factor
  • Change your behaviour, not personality

Links for personality testing

Personality tests have become an integral part of the recruitment process and most companies have incorporated these tests to understand the personality traits of the applicants. Although, these tests tend to be somehow difficult to determine the personality and behaviour of an individual in particular situations, there is still aspects which helps in identifying the behaviour of people in different situations. Personality tests are a part of the recruitment process and human interactions are still not out from the equation.