Moving to China to Work and Live

Why Move To China?

The past and present profile of China attracts foreigners greatly. The eastern and old culture of the country is rising on a rapid pace so as to take its place amongst the modern civilization. The people and environment of China are very open and welcoming and the opportunities there proliferate for the wise. asia-1177099_1280The culture of China is very different from other countries and many people render this to be a cultural shock for them. They eat strange food, incorporate different ways of doing different things, the levels of modernity and development are uneven, their expectations and social contracts are different and many people in the country are unable to communicate in English.

Work Permit of China

The visa process of going china is somehow difficult to navigate and the best option is considered to hire the services of an immigration expert. To work in China, you need to undergo the immigration and labor procedure which is different in different cities. However, there are certain standard requirements which need to be fulfilled by expat employees. These requirements include:

  • The person should have a Z-visa prior to their arrival in the country.
  • The work permit should be sponsored by a locally registered corporation in the country.
  • Expats are required to work as well as live within the same location where their sponsoring company is being operated.
  • A medical examination is important.

shanghai-730892_1280Employees are required to undergo a medical examination from an authorized hospital. The report should be duly signed by the doctor and sealed.

Work Opportunities in China

In China, teaching English is most demanded job area however; there is also a growing demand of expatriate people having skills in engineering, management and sales amongst other areas. Most of these jobs are being offered by international companies however, there are also many Chinese companies that are hiring expatriates.

Learning Chinese

Mandarin Chinese is amongst the most widely-spoken language in the world. The language and its native speakers have shaped the field of science, technology, medicine and music entirely. With this revolution, Chinese language has become much more relevant than ever. The projection of Chinese economy to surpass the US economy by 2030 led students, professionals as well as employers to learn Chinese so as to cope up with the future trends. There are many schools and language centers that are offering courses to learn Chinese language online and in traditional institutes as well. Learning the language online will not only save your time and money but, you will also have complete command over the language. In case you are looking for a traditional language center, there are many situated in different cities of the country and which are offering courses at affordable rates.

Most Demanded Job in China

  • As mentioned earlier, the most demanded job in the country is to teach English language. Teaching English has a very high social status in the country and the job offers security and gradual increases in salary.
  • The increase in the exports of Chinese products, the demand for sales and marketing jobs is soaring. There are abundant employment opportunities in international marketing and sales field however, the aspect of business etiquettes and customs are very important to become successful in the industry.
  • The rapid increase in industrial production, the need for skilled engineers has also increased. There are many career opportunities in electrical, architectural, structural, mechanical, production, electronic, materials engineering, instrumentation, fabrication, automotive as well as civil engineering.

Cost Of Living China

Although, the prices are increasing, there are still favorable conditions for cost of living in china as compared to other industrialized countries.

Accommodation (monthly rent)
Furnished two-bedroom apartment RMB 12,500
Unfurnished two-bedroom apartment RMB 9,000
Milk (1 litre) RMB 17
Dozen eggs RMB 16
Loaf of white bread RMB 15
Rice (1kg) RMB 7
Packet of cigarettes (Marlboro) RMB 20
Public transportation
City centre bus/train fare RMB 4
Taxi rate per km RMB 3
Eating out
Big Mac Meal RMB 30
Coca-Cola (330ml) RMB 3.50
Cappuccino RMB 30
Bottle of beer RMB 38
Three-course meal at a mid-range restaurant RMB 300
Uncapped ADSL Internet per month 150 RMB
Utilities (average per month for standard household for electricity, gas, water etc.) 400 RMB

Average Salary China

The wage level has increased steadily in the past few years since the economy has grown rapidly and the population growth is slow. A very small quantity of younger generation is entering the workforce which led employers to pay higher wages so as to recruit and retain staff. According to the China’s National Bureau of Statistics, the average wage has reached to 56,339 Yuan in 2014 (almost US$9,000).