Live and Work in Norway

Moving to Norway? Discover what jobs are currently on offer. What are the pay and conditions like, what are the job benefits in Norway and more...

Norway jobSo, you want to work in Norway? I’m not surprised! Famed for its ancient fjords, teeming wildlife, and northern lights, Norway is a land of stunning natural beauty. Its strong economy, clean bustling cities, family-friendly work environment, and egalitarian culture also make it a wonderful country in which to live and work.
But what jobs are on offer in Norway? What are the pay and conditions like? Can you earn enough to enjoy a high standard of living there? Read on to find out!

The most in-demand jobs in Norway

The unemployment rate in Norway is very low, at just 4.8% in March, 2016. Although the global downturn in oil and gas prices has hit the Norwegian energy industry, resulting in fewer vacancies, it has not had a great effect on other fields. In fact, there are many employment opportunities for qualified professionals in a range of industries.
Having a command of Norwegian or another Scandinavian language will open many doors and help put you first in line for the following in-demand jobs in Norway:
Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists
HVAC engineers, railway engineers, and engineering academics
Maths and science teachers
Hotel receptionists
Telesales professionals
Construction foremen
However, high-level Norwegian is not required for every career path in Norway. Indeed, English may be all that is required, at least at first, for the following workers:
IT professionals
Qualified chefs
Waiting staff
Metal workers
Bus drivers
Factory workers

Learn Norwegian

Learn norwegianLearning Norwegian will dramatically improve your chances of getting your dream job. Of course, it will also help you smoothly integrate into Norwegian culture.

You may be pleasantly surprised to hear that Norwegian is considered one of the easiest languages to learn if you can already speak English, German or Dutch.

To see for yourself, click here for some free introductory language lessons.

Average salary in Norway

Salaries in Norway are among the highest in the world. Although there is no minimum wage, a strong trade union presence means that even non-skilled workers can expect high wages. For instance, McDonald’s staff over the age of 18 receive a starting pay of US $15 per hour, rising to US $18 per hour within four months.
In addition, Norway’s strong cultural belief in modesty and egalitarianism (“Jante Law”) has fostered a society in which the gap between rich and poor is mild. The average salary of full-time workers in Norway is roughly US $68,000 ($5,135 a month). Part-time workers earn an average of US $4,000 a month. Company directors and executives make US $103,000 on average, in comparison with drivers and hauliers, who typically earn US $43,500.

Job benefits in Norway

In addition to the excellent salaries on offer, there are a number of perks to working in Norway. Most jobs include 25 days paid vacation in addition to the 8-12 public holidays. You will be paid overtime if you have to work more than 40 hours in a week.
Norway is a family-friendly culture, and this is reflected in the working environment. New mothers can take a whole year off on 80% pay (covered by the state) or 10 months off on 100% pay. If your child is sick, you can take the day off to look after them, and if you need to leave the workplace for a family reason, this will be accepted and understood.

Cost of Living in Norway

Wherever there are high wages, you can expect to find a high cost of living, and Norway is no exception. Rent, bills, transport and entertainment are all very expensive.
For instance, a one-bedroom apartment in central Oslo will cost you about US $1,420 a month, with monthly utilities of about US $250. A month’s daily travel to and from the city centre will set you back roughly US $275. A night out won’t come cheap, either, with a three-course meal costing roughly US $45-50 per head. If you want to wash it down with a beer, it will be an extra US $8-14.
Though these prices may seem exorbitant, remember that wages are high enough to cover these costs – and put enough money aside to build a great future, in Norway or abroad.

So, a beautiful country with jobs that give you the time and money to enjoy it. Perhaps it’s time for you to live and work in Norway!