Moving to New Zealand from EU

What You Need To Know Before Moving to New Zealand

The country is spread over a small group of islands and offers a life which has natural beauty and diverse scenes. The population of New Zealand comprises mainly of people from the European descent and is continuing to attract more and more expats from Europe. Regardless if the place from where you are New Zealand is a clean and safe country where cost of living is low and tax systems are favorable which renders it to be the best expats of the world.

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Social security is largely non-contributory in the country and neither the employers nor the employees contribute for this, the entire contribution is made officially.
For those who want to make a fresh start and wants to maintain a good balance between work and life, New Zealand serves to be the best place. The healthcare situation is excellent, crime rates are low, offers high quality education and the society values children and environment a lot. Expats in the country enjoys a high standard lifestyle. The cost of living varies according to different cities as bigger cities are more expensive as compared to rural areas.

What You Need To Know Before Going to New Zealand

Anyone can visit the country without a visa for up to six months however, staying beyond this time period will require doing some extra paperwork. For those who are willing to visit the country for work purposes, there are various types of visa options available which also includes an essential skills work visa which is given to highly qualified workers who are below the age of 55 and who are capable of filling up shortages of the skill. Moreover, a working holiday visa is also provided for those who are below 30 years of age and its duration is for 23 months. Work to residence visas are also being provided to those employees who are offered with jobs in those occupations that are listed on the long-term skills shortage list or those that have been offered by accredited employees.
The essential skills visa is usually being granted for a period three years however, if your job is meeting the top most level of the government ranking system, you are capable of earning at least $55,000 on an annual basis and can also get a permit to stay for five years. On the other side, if the job is ranked low in the government listing, then you will get a visa for one year only.
Retiring in New Zealand is also facilitated with two visa options. The first option is that if you have a child residing in the country you can apply for a visa in the parents’ category and the second option is the investor category. Applying for the visa in the parent category will be prioritized if their sponsor is earning $65,000 annually or have at least NZ$500,000 as funds to move to New Zealand . In case, this requirement is not met, they will need a sponsor who is earning at least $33,675 annually.
On the other side, applying for an investor visa is offered to those who are above 66 years of age and are willing to invest at least NZ$750,000 in the country for two years and also have NZ$500,000 as funds to live there along with having an annual income of NZ$60,000. You can further information about New Zealand expats from the link : and