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How Close are Universities and Schools to Real Market Opportunities in the EU?

There are noticeable differences in educational systems everywhere in the EU. In Eastern Europe for instance, there is a very old system, which poses obligatory exams, tests, grades, as well as a program, which is carefully chosen for the young ones so that they can be prepared for their future profession. However how well does this really work? It is easy to fill some heads with an abundance of knowledge and then send them off to seek their fortune on their own. However, a factor, which is commonly forgotten, stands in their way – technologies and knowledge in general constantly keep evolving, so many young people are forced to educate themselves outside of university in order to cover the giant demands of employers. Without any extracurricular activities, which really count, and a shadowing of EU programs for market placement, Eastern European countries are commonly considered weak when it comes to ... Read More

Call Centre jobs in Europe

Call centres are ICT –based workplaces that supply services to customers in diverse and remote locations via electronic media. In call centres people work by handling queries over phone. The very first call centres started in around 1960s and were simply responsible for answering questions by some workers with basic communication skills. In 1970s and 1980s the operators had to deal with a large number of repetitive requests and stress levels were high. In 1990s call centres became more customized and were heavily supported by ICT and had good communication skills. In 2002 there was around 1.3% of the total European workforce (i.e. 2 million people) who was employed in call centres. The number of people in call centres was more in Northern Europe as compared to that in Southern Europe. Studies have shown that there has been an increase in the number of call centres in Europe and the ... Read More