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Web summit 2019 – international institutions and government organizations hand in hand with innovative startups

Web summit – the most prominent technology conference on the planet closed the edition 2019 with record numbers. Let's see some details: more than 70 K attendees from over 160 countries 1206 speakers, composed by EU representatives, leaders of various countries, ambassadors, CEOs, and CTOs of the biggest tech companies and celebrities (American actor and director Ian Somerhalder, sports champions Wladimir Klitschko and Ronaldinho, among others), came to share their views, opinions or to introduce new missions. 2150 startups – Alfa, Beta, and also fast-growing companies had the opportunity to explain their ideas, participate at workshops, meet investors, or to choose from around 8500 developers to make their dreams work. Over 1200 investors from every corner of the world came in search of new solutions, original and innovative ideas, potential partnerships, and to be part of absolutely unique networking. All this business ecosystem lived under the eyes of more than ...

Web Summit 2017, Video Reportage from the Most Important Tech Conference in the World

To become the biggest technological event in the world! With this ambition the 2017 Web Summit held in Lisbon has opened its doors to more than 60.000 attendees from 170 countries. They joined the summit to promote their new start ups, to find new ideas, to invest, to get inspired and to network. The Nobel prize laureate and former vice president of the United States of America Al Gore, the former French president François Hollande, the United Nations Secretary-general António Guterres came to share their support to the world of the innovation. Participants were even greeted from space by a message from the Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli and were launched into the future by the amazing speech of the human robot Sofia! 1200 – the number of starry prestigious speakers! Nevertheless, the power of the Web Summit was not only in the presence of world famous people but also in ...

Interview with fresh Startups from the Web summit 2016 in Lisbon

Discover the disruptive ideas of the new Startups from the Web summit 2016