Top 10 Questions to ask in an interview

Interview questionsSketching down the questions that can be asked in a job interview. Well, you must have taken a lot of interviews but preparation is always imperative every time when you sit and question the candidates.

An ideal series of questions helps you to hire the best person for the job. In most of the interviews, “Tell me about yourself” is a common question. We don’t prohibit you from asking this question but please note, your candidate will most likely have have answered this question several times before and thus will vomit some memorised sentences right in front of you.

Thinking about some fresh questions to ask prospective candidates? Well, here are 10 questions that we believe are good for upcoming interviews.

Which one skill of yours make you the best fit for this job?

Through this interview, you’re searching for the best person for the role which is the reason why this question is so important.

Certainly, you have gone through the resume/CV of the candidate and you therefore know the qualities/information of that person. Now it is time to go into deep detail with the candidate themselves and also, this question confirms how much the candidate actually knows what the job actually requires of them.

How can you describe the ideal work environment for you?

Sometimes not even the most perfectly qualified candidate can fit in to your existing work culture however with this question, you’ll find out your candidate’s ability to fit within the existing culture. Excellence comes when a candidate finds their working atmosphere comfortable. So, this question certainly needs to be asked.

What makes you leave your current job?

This is certainly a very common question. Your candidate will know very well that he/she will face this question at any given moment of the interview. But still, it is very important to know why the person left their previous job. Note whether the person is complaining too much against his/her boss which could potentially cause problems for you or is their issue is a genuine one?

Describe your working style?

You would of course like to avoid employing a miss-fit for any given position and this question will see whether the person can adjust to your company’s way of working and be able to fit in with others.

Tell me about a challenge that you overcame?

Again another common question, but very important. There can be many issues whilst working in an organisation together. See whether the candidate has the capability to face those real-time challenges or not. Find out what problems they had to solve in their past experiences.

If selected, state the first thing that you would like to do?

Another great question to check whether you are hiring the right candidate or not. It not only helps you to understand the person’s understanding of the job role, but also narrates the things that they think to be their priorities.

What is the most striking feature of this position?

It’s now time to know how much he/she is excited about the job role. It will again reveal their grasp on the position and hopefully show their enthusiastic nature to bring good experience from their previous roles.

What have you achieved in your work experience?

Your candidate will always try to sell themself. Now it’s your turn to judge their strengths and to see if what they say appear to be achievements or not.

What is that one skill that you would like to improvise?

Just a new way of asking the old question “What are your weakness”. But is essential to know about the strengths and the weaknesses of the candidate.

What do you do in your spare time?

A question to know whom you are hiring and whether they can mingle/work with other employees in the office or not.

These are 10 questions that we think is important to ask your candidate. Hopefully these questions will make the interviewing process more easier and that you’ll get your hand on the right candidate.