Which careers best suit Introverts and Extroverts?

Decided on your ideal career option? Your future today depends on what you want to be tomorrow. Unfortunately, there are many people who often make the wrong decision while choosing their careers. Thus, they have to pay for it for the rest of their life. A right career option leads you to success, making you achieve your what you really desire and most importantly, making you feel very satisfied.

Deciding on the right career option is difficult, however it doesn’t need to be if you could find out what type of personality you are.

Now, how to categorize your personality? There is no need to go to an expert or to seek a doctor for this. Instead, you just simply need to answer this one simple question: Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Who is an introvert?

Do you like to sit alone in a room reading books? Do you speak very few words? Do you like a calm and independent working environment?

If your answer is ‘Yes’ then you are most likely an introvert. You represent reserved characteristics who like to observe things more than say words and discuss ideas. They are reserved people for whom you will never find in the crowd. Rather they prefer to sit in the corner reading books or spending time with their own self.

Possessing enough intellect, these people often prove to be best when it comes to doing something after thinking. They don’t prefer to work in groups. Rather, they are flexible in working independently, never try talking about their personal life as they prefer to limit workplace interaction and keep it professional.

Participating in any competition is seriously not to their liking. Rather, they like to sit and watch others to compete. Introverts are self-aware and are the only people who are allowed to look into their own character who introverts want to be.

Choosing any career for introverts will simply not work. You would need to fetch something that gives a correct exposure to the talent of the introvert. We have sketched some career options for introverts.

IntrovertThe best career options for introverts are:

 Software developer

 Video game designer

 Graphic designer

 Technical writer



 Lab technician

 Plumber or welder



In all these professions, you don’t need to speak a lot but there is a high scope for where you can think, work independently and render the best output.

Are you an extrovert?

Unlike the introverts, the extroverts are totally opposite in character. They are the attention seekers who love going out and can very easily interact with people.

Extroverts possess bags of energy and remain excited in more or less anything. Thus, some proved themselves to be the life of any party. Talking with the extroverts is seriously not an issue. You can very easily make friendships with the extroverts.

In the office, they don’t limit themselves to a single group, rather they are good as teammates and never hesitate to present their thoughts. You can’t limit them from trying new things. They always show energetic characteristics.

The career options for extroverts are:

 Event Planner



Construction worker

Police officer


Human resources

Restaurant management



Extroverts and introverts are way apart in terms of personalities and so their career options are vastly different.

Choosing the right career can be difficult. But identifying whether you are an introvert or an extrovert gives you the right path to choose the best career option.