Work as a Human Resources Manager

Career opportunities, skills and salary of a Human Resources Manager

Human resource manager

A Human Resources Manager is basically required to understand the business of the organisation he is working for. This aids in suggesting policies and implementing the plans and recruiting talents as per the needs of the organisation. If you think you can manage to work as a Human Resources Manager, then you should go ahead and apply for such a job opportunity.

Detailed discussion on the job profile

If you intend to apply for the position of a Human Resources Manager, then you must know what exactly you will have to do. You will be assigned with the task of considering the objectives of your company, based on which, you shall recommend whether there has to be any further employment of fresh or experienced workers in conjunction with the needs of the departments. For appointment of new staffs, you shall prepare the job description and post it on the company’s website yourself. This has to be followed by an eventual interviewing of applicants and then hiring them.

You may have to conduct training for new joiners, if that is required. Again, it is you who will be deciding on their yearly emoluments, their promotions depending on your evaluation of their performances and also yearly bonuses. You will be authorized with the task of maintaining discipline within office premises, so whether it is dress code or something more rigid, it is you who will be maintaining law and order. The staff shall inform you in the first place about any planned leave they are about to take. They will be speaking out their grievances to you, if any.

Key skills required

There is not much of a weightage given to qualifications of a Human Resources Manager. But due to growing number of applications and increasing demand for the job, if you wish to bag the position of a Human Resources Manager in a reputed firm with a good name, then you must stay on the safer side. Candidates these days have an MBA in Human Resources Management. Besides, a Human Resources Manager professional certification will be preferred by many companies.

Most importantly, you need to have great communication and analytical skills that could be of immense use to you when you hire personnel for your company and train them. Critical thinking is needed to plan and implement policies. So, work on it, if you have not, in order to become a good Human Resources Manager. Sometimes, you may have to travel to far off places, hotels, factories and so on.

Working hours

Your service hours will start at 9 am and end at 5 pm. This is just a rough approximation. At times, you may even have to work on weekends or stay late when the work burden is more.

Income levels

Your annual salary will be somewhere between 19,000 Euros to 22,000 Euros when you work as an inexperienced Human Resources Manager. However, with special trainings and courses, you can avail upto 24,000 Euros a year.

Career Opportunities

If you begin your career as a Human Resources Manager, with steady hard work and efficient service, you can become a senior Human Resources Manager and even a Human Resources director where the pay is nearly three times of entry level salary. HR jobs on Euspert