Work as luxury sales assistant

Career opportunities, skills and salary of a Luxury Sales Assistant

Work as luxury sales assistant

The job of a luxury sales assistant is specially designed for people with expertise in communication and customer handling skills. Before a customer takes out his list of things that he is required to buy, a good sales assistant is capable of comprehending his requirements and bringing him all he wants, at an ease. So if you think you have these factors in you, then you are most welcome to step into this smart world of sales assistants.

What you basically have to do

Luxury sales assistants can be found in retail outlets where they provide a convivial ambiance to their customers. This aids in boosting sales of the company as a whole, thereby contributing to an ever increasing net profit for the firm. Besides, you will be assisting people in shopping malls to building strong rapport with your clientele by helping them with the selection process, regarding which products to buy and which not to.

For you to fit the shoes of a good luxury sales assistant, you should be able to nurture excellent consumer service skills while retaining your customer-friendliness and politeness. Also you will be undergoing trainings where personality development courses are being offered. You will be expected to take active participation in these courses and use the experience that you acquire to benefit your company. This would help you to deal with your customers to reach the sales targets set by the firm you would be working for.

Requirements specific to the job being offered

Moving on to the bit that entails specific skill sets relevant for applying for the position of a luxury sales assistant, you should be able to showcase your smart and effective vocal skills and handle stress in course of the difficult times that a company often has to go through. This may call for some cross-selling or upselling strategies that a good sales assistant is naturally gifted with. Along with bigger concerns, you are also expected to pay heed to the smaller needs of your shop which circles around ensuring a cleaner environment for your customers to breathe in.

You will be assisting your manager, helping him to monitor and retain data of all customers and will be responsible for seeing to the fact that dress codes and other rules are abided by. And most important of all, you are needed to be physically fit for you to work all day long mostly standing on your feet.

Working hours as your job demands

A luxury sales assistant hired on full-time basis works about 35 to 40 hours per week inclusive of evenings and weekends. For the temporary employees or part-timers, work hours may vary as per the shifts.

Salary approximations

The salary that you can expect ranges between 11,000 Euros to 15,000 Euros per year. After a few years of experience, your annual remuneration can be hiked to a maximum of 20000 Euros. Also there are added advantages like performance-based bonuses sealing up the lucrative deal for you.

Career growth prospects you can look forward to

Luxury sales assistant jobs present you with one of the most promising career opportunities where you can dream of becoming a sales representative by just becoming successful at your work and by simply brandishing your sharp skills most confidently. Given the info, just grab the best opportunity of becoming a good luxury sales assistant quickly.

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