Work as export manager

Career opportunities, skills and salary of an Export Manager

Export manager

Export managing requires meticulous communication skills as export manager needs to directly handle clients of foreign origin as well as domestic ones. In a nutshell, they bridge the gap between domestic sellers and foreign buyers and are thus needed to be proficient in export laws of domestic country as well as the countries they are selling their exports to. So if you think, you have what it takes to be an export manager, then without any delay just go and submit your application for the position.

Job details

The job of an export manager, as distinguished from that of an export trader, includes the search for foreign clients to whom the domestic manufacturers of goods will be selling their products. It is a step by step process, where you are firstly required to purchase commodities from the seller of your own country. Next, you will be selling the purchased goods to the buyer of another country or countries. As a connecting link between two parties, the seller and the buyer, you are entrusted with the task of coordinating with each of them.

Other than handling your clients, your boss would expect you to manage recruitment process too, like hiring of junior level staff, training them and even supervising them. An export manager may just as well, do the tracking part in the business, where he is often accountable for trade receipts or invoices and the consequent preparing of charts to complete the billing process.

Key skills required

Generally, an employer looking forward to hire export managers set the basic eligibility criteria as high school diploma. But there are some, who are a bit choosy and thereby demand that their employees should atleast have a college degree certificate. Apart from qualifications, you need to have excellent communication skills for properly connecting with your buyers and sellers. So, knowledge of foreign languages is a prerequisite for efficiently managing the business.

Export laws matter a lot so the one who will be hiring you will expect you have sound knowledge in such laws. This is important as you will have to check that the shipments are in compliance with the laws and regulations. For best service, you also need to update yourself continuously so that you know exactly which law is amended and which is not and accordingly keep an eye on the shipped goods.

Working hours

You will have to provide about 37 hours of service on weekly basis. It may vary depending on work pressure and profitability of the business.

Income levels

The income credited to your account will range between 21,000 Euros and 52,000 Euros. On an average scale, including the bonus that you can grab by performing exceptionally well, you can expect to get about 36,000 Euros per annum. Some employers even provide insurance coverage, pension payments and car facilities.

Career Opportunities

As the trade barriers, that have previously hindered international trade across countries, are getting eliminated, the career prospects of export managers are expanding. This would mean that your salary would increase with quicker raises. So for boundless growth opportunities do check out the export managing jobs. Similar opportunities on Euspert