How to Work on A Cruise Ship

Working Time

When working on a cruise ship the hours that are worked depend mainly on the type of job the person is working. For instance, if you work for housekeeping you will normally work in the morning to clean rooms. If you work for entertainment it will probably be in the evening when the shows are seen on cruise ships. There are no set times on a cruise ship either. They fluctuate constantly and are jobs that require work 7 days a week.



There are many positions to choose from when looking for a position on a cruise ship. There are positions in the service department such as housekeeping, hospitality and customer service. The next is there are jobs such as retail positions, bartenders and restaurant workers, singers and professional entertainment and more.


Because of the frequency that a person who works on cruise ships travels into different countries there are numerous examinations and vaccinations that they are required to receive. These medical certificates that employees receive are also considered relevant in all countries as well. Employees must also undergo criminal background check and have the appropriate knowledge needed to perform the job adequately.


Employees must have a government issued updated passport. There are hundreds of locations that cruise ships travel to. They can be in the European region or within the islands.

Healthcare Insurance

Healthcare Insurance is free while the employee is on the cruise ship. The cost of care in the case of a sickness or accident is not charged to the employee if they are out to sea.


When working on a cruise ship employees undergo contracts for their services. In the event that they sign a contract, they sign it for a standard amount of time. Work on a cruise ship is normally 7 days a week and consists of long hours as well. When an employee signs a contract it is for work from the time the ship leaves the initial dock until its return.


Salaries vary on a ship depending on the position the employee holds. If the employee is in management, entertainment or is an officer the pay is much higher and they have more lenient work hours as well. Many of the restaurant workers, bus boys, housekeeping and customer service look longer hours at lower pay rates.

Where the Best Places Are

The best places to work on a cruise ship are in management or entertainment because of the benefits employees receive as well.

How it Works with Taxes and Social Security

Working for a cruise ship is the same as working for a business inside the country where they are stationed from. Employees are paid through check and taxes and other requirements will be subtracted from the pay.

Risks of the Job

Just as in every job there can be the possibility of getting hurt at the job. The risks of certain jobs depend on the position the person holds. The risk of getting a burn is high for a cook whereas a person who dances on the stage has a bigger chance of breaking a leg.

Working conditions

The working conditions are generally better for the higher position a person holds.


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