How To Prepare For Performance Reviews

We are always paid for our hard work and sincere efforts and this is sure to be achieved by whoever is prompt and active in his or her work. Right from a young age we are exposed to various examinations and reviews. In the school days, your success would be measured in terms of a report card. But in corporate life, the success is measured in terms of performance reviews that usually takes place from time to time as per the policy of the company.


Performance reviews take place at the right time as per the decision of the corporate. It is very important because on this basis, your bonus, increment, promotion and such other benefits would be decided. Performance reviews would decide where you stand in your career and this is the reason it is considered to be very important. It also lets you know the various scopes for improvement. It is very important for everybody to know how to prepare for such reviews.

Below are a few tips of successful performance reviews:

First of all, it is very important to know about the entire process of review, the various steps involved in it, who reviews it and what is the actual judging criteria of the review. The employers should be able to provide you with the right feedback and also communicate what is exactly needed from you, flaws if any, and scope for development.

Make sure you maintain a record of all your achievements, the various awards received by you for your impressive work and discuss the same with your employer to gain success in the review. This would help in your performance review to a greater extent. Also make a good study of the profits of the company for that particular financial year to know an approximate hike on your salary that you would get so that you can negotiate on such terms. It is also very important to know the judging criteria of your employer.

Be bold as well as strong enough and develop enough confidence within you before your performance reviews. If you have good confidence in you, one is sure to achieve success and your performance review would no doubt be a successful one. Be confident about the work done by you so that it facilitates easy and quick discussion and would in turn lead to a good decision.

Sometimes you might face a negative or poor review. This would mainly be because of your lack of efforts towards work. In such cases, discuss with the person, who has reviewed it. Accept the comments and try to correct yourself for a better review next time and to gain success. If you found your work satisfying and still got negative markings, then it would be a better option to take an appointment with the reviewer and discuss everything in detail and fight for the same if the review is negative even after dedicating good work.

Be prepared to go with the decision of your employer taken during the time of performance review. If you are appreciated continue the same good work and work better. If there are any negative reviews, try to learn from your mistakes and be strong enough to face the next review and start preparing right from the beginning for the next. Always aim high. This is sure to be a ladder for you to be successful and achieve the best in your life.

These are a few points to be kept in mind during the process of performance reviews and also to be able to prepare well for the same.

All the Best!