How to Mention Fun Facts About Yourself in a Job Search

In a job interview, your potential employer will not just want to hear things they already read on your resume. They will also want to understand what kind of person you are. The best way to demonstrate your character and personality is by mentioning some of your fun facts in interview. It is not always easy to tell your potential employer some of these stories. This guide should help you mention your fun facts in job search interview.

Job interview

1. Try to Represent the Values Your Company is Looking For

Not all fun facts in interview should be mentioned. Some can haunt you later as you work in the company. The most important fun facts are those that are related to the job you are about to get. One of the most important qualities to demonstrate in these facts is your ability to work with other people. Almost all jobs require you to be a team player. Your stories should show how well you communicate with other members of your team. You should show your interviewer that you are able to relate to other people well. Other important qualities to demonstrate include your focus on community, your proactiveness, and your decision-making skills.

2. Be Honest

Lying about yourself in an interview is a bad way to start a job. Lies have to be crafted perfectly, and they should never have loopholes. Otherwise, you will end up in an awkward situation when they eventually find out that you are a liar. This is why you need to stick to real stories.

3. Be Animated

Your interviewer will probably be bored after listening to many similar stories. Most people are extremely rigid in interviews and do not show any emotion or personality. You can break this monotony and create a lasting impression by telling your trivial facts in an animated way. One way of doing this is by using hand gestures. Also, make sure you vary the tone to keep your interviewer engaged. It is equally important to tell the story in chronological order. Many people lose interest when you start going back and forth in your stories. You should also end with an interesting takeaway. Remember to tie the facts back to the job so that you remain relevant in the eyes of the interviewer.

4. Be Comfortable

Your interviewer also needs to see you as a confident person. You should tell your facts to a friend before meeting the interviewer. This way, the interview question will not come to you as a surprise. Your facts are usually meant to be shared in a casual tone, so try to relax and demonstrate your personality. Of course, you should not be too comfortable since you will have to adjust to a new work culture and environment.

5. Be Consistent With What You Are Sharing on Social Media

There is a good chance that your potential employer has already looked through your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles. Since you want to avoid looking like a liar, you should keep all your facts consistent when talking to the interviewer. Many companies actually hire people to track job applicants so that they can learn all there is to know about you. This means they will know when you lie to them about your likes, dislikes, and interests.

It is also a good idea to clean up your social media before applying for a job interview. Anything that paints you in a negative light should be deleted from all your social media accounts. Also, never post anything negative about the company. Many people have been fired for talking ill about their employers on social media. You should note that many companies are reluctant to hire people with no online presence. This means your only solution is to create a positive image on social media sites.

What Fun Facts in Job Search Should You Include?

Many people have trouble figuring out what they should share with interviewers, and what they need to keep private. A good rule is to always leave out irrelevant stories and only include those that improve your image in front of the interviewer. An interesting but irrelevant fact can be included if you find a way to link it to the job you are applying for.

Here are some facts you can consider sharing at your job interview:

  • Your Hobbies- Your employer will be interested in knowing your hobbies so that they can see what kind of person you are. You should only include the hobbies that make you seem qualified for the job. It is important to only include activities which you are passionate about. These hobbies may be included in a company-wide email that introduces you to your new team.
  • What or who you love- If you have a hero, you can also mention them as fun facts in interview. You can spend some time reading some trivial facts about your hero before the interview. This way, you will impress the interviewing team even more. If you don’t have a personal hero, you can name some people who improve your general life experience.
  • A funny moment of your life- It is also okay to narrate some funny experiences you have had. They can even be slightly embarrassing. In fact, stories that are slightly embarrassing will make the interviewer see you as a humble person.
  • Your fears- Everyone is afraid of something or someone. Even though you need to be honest, you should keep it professional and not mention fears that worsen your chances of getting hired. For example, don’t say that you are afraid of socializing.

In an interview, always make sure you mention stories that improve your chances of getting hired or those that are just funny. The tips above should help you tell your stories to an interviewer.