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How Millennials Should Handle Money Differently

Millennials are facing a different financial picture than what their parents did when they first started out. It is important to recognize the differences and to make changes as necessary so that you can make the adjustments in the way you handle your finances from your parents. It is important to have a solid plan in place so that you can make real strides with your finances and be ready to retire when the time comes. Continue reading: How Millennials Should Handle Money Differently

Strategies for Women to Negotiate a Higher Salary

Negotiating salary isn’t easy, and it can be especially difficult for women. In general, women are less likely to ask for more money when they are offered a job and more likely to stay in a lower paid job. Reasons vary, but some of it involves being uncomfortable discussing salary and being hesitant to ask for more. The fact that women earn less than men complicates the salary situation. It’s not just that men earn more, and women make 74 cents for every dollar a man earns. Payscale’s report on The Gender Pay Gap identifies significant differences between men’s and women’s earnings based on a variety of factors. The only time there isn’t a gender gap between men and women is when you compare single childless men and women. After that, the playing field isn’t even. Jen Hubley Luckwaldt, Editor of Payscale’s Career News blog says, “The data show that ...

Tips for Getting Hired By Your Dream Company

If you have a few companies in mind that you'd really like to work for, make a point of keeping them on your radar — and getting on theirs — even before you start the job application process. There are several benefits to "tracking" a company for a period of time before you apply. For example, depending on the size of the company, if you follow it on Linkedin or Twitter, "like" their Facebook page, or sign up for their newsletter, they might already recognize your name when it's time to apply. Researching companies in advance is a good way to learn about the organization, so when it comes time for the interview, you won't have to scramble to do background research. Continue Reading: Tips for Getting Hired By Your Dream Company