Tips for Getting Hired By Your Dream Company

If you have a few companies in mind that you’d really like to work for, make a point of keeping them on your radar — and getting on theirs — even before you start the job application process.

There are several benefits to “tracking” a company for a period of time before you apply. For example, depending on the size of the company, if you follow it on Linkedin or Twitter, “like” their Facebook page, or sign up for their newsletter, they might already recognize your name when it’s time to apply.

Researching companies in advance is a good way to learn about the organization, so when it comes time for the interview, you won’t have to scramble to do background research.

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    If you join up for the company’s newsletter, “like” their Facebook page, follow them on Linkedin or Twitter, or even just follow them, they may remember your name when you apply.

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    The company may remember your name if you subscribe to their newsletter, “like” their Facebook page, follow them on LinkedIn or Twitter, or simply just follow them.

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