Join the travel revolution with Ijendu

Discover and book unique accommodation, transportation and experiences from locals!


The popularity of sharing platforms is constantly on the rise. More and more people are familiar with platforms like Airbnb in the accommodation industry, Blablacar and Uber in transportation and Eatwith in gastronomy. But a group of young entrepreneurs from Barcelona have come up with a disruptive idea: Why not create a unique sharing economy platform for all fields, with transportation, accommodation and experiences all in one place?

This is the idea behind Ijendu. Its Business Development Consultant Darya Shaban told Euspert more about this interesting project:


Helena: What can we find on Ijendu?

Darya: Ijendu is a sharing-economy based platform for discovering and booking unique accommodation, transportation and experiences from locals. It is a one-stop shared-economy solution for travel. We also promote local businesses on our platform.

Helena: Who are your target users?

Darya: Our target users are millennials between the ages of 25 to 39. In general, people who are passionate about traveling and interested in non-traditional ways of traveling.

Helena: How long have you been on the market?

Ijendu was launched in August of 2015 and has been on the market for 4 months .

What was the main reason of your presence at the Web summit: looking for possible investors, visibility or possibly something else? Where you satisfied with the event?

Our primary reason for attending Web Summit 2016 was contacting investors and the media, in addition to visibility and gathering information about the market and startups in our industry.

What are the business conditions, especially conditions for startups in your country like? Can you rely on any support from your government?

The startup community in Barcelona is growing, and the government supports us in multiple ways.

For instance, it provides soft loans and subsidies for new businesses as well as several tax reduction incentives.

What is the main marketing strategy you use to promote your services?

As a startup organization and a new product on the market, our primary goals are to develop awareness of our brand and acquire users for Ijendu through multiple marketing channels.

We would like to thank Darya for her informative answers, and we wish both her and Ijendu a highly successful future.