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How to Mention Fun Facts About Yourself in a Job Search

In a job interview, your potential employer will not just want to hear things they already read on your resume. They will also want to understand what kind of person you are. The best way to demonstrate your character and personality is by mentioning some of your fun facts in interview. It is not always easy to tell your potential employer some of these stories. This guide should help you mention your fun facts in job search interview. 1. Try to Represent the Values Your Company is Looking For Not all fun facts in interview should be mentioned. Some can haunt you later as you work in the company. The most important fun facts are those that are related to the job you are about to get. One of the most important qualities to demonstrate in these facts is your ability to work with other people. Almost all jobs require ...

Top 10 Questions to ask in an interview

Sketching down the questions that can be asked in a job interview. Well, you must have taken a lot of interviews but preparation is always imperative every time when you sit and question the candidates. An ideal series of questions helps you to hire the best person for the job. In most of the interviews, "Tell me about yourself" is a common question. We don't prohibit you from asking this question but please note, your candidate will most likely have have answered this question several times before and thus will vomit some memorised sentences right in front of you. Thinking about some fresh questions to ask prospective candidates? Well, here are 10 questions that we believe are good for upcoming interviews. Which one skill of yours make you the best fit for this job? Through this interview, you’re searching for the best person for the role which is the reason ...

The 10 Most Common Job Interview Questions (And What the Interviewer Wants You to Say!)

Got an interview coming up? No need to lose any sleep before the big day — we’ve got you covered!

Importance of Personality Test during Job Interview

Personality test can be described as a test of your career which is directed towards explaining the aspects of an individual’s character which remains stable in different situations.

6 Tips for Nailing an Interview & Conquering Your Nerves

Interviews are the most stressful and horrific experience for some people which makes them lose out on their dream jobs only because they were unable to keep a tab on their nerves. If you are one of those who get manipulated by the jitters and surrender in front of your nerves, then this article for all you folks. It’s important to accept that nervousness is a natural feeling before any important event in life, even before and during interviews. (more…)

Five things not to say in a Job Interview

Succeeding at an interview is the most important thing of all to get a job. The article states five things that you should certainly avoid saying in the interview room to improve your chances of getting a job. To any person, appearing for a job interview and presenting their resume in a proper fashion, is a crucial step to ascertain that they get the vacant position. However, to do so, you must be absolutely impeccable as far as your presentation and interview is concerned. When talking about a job interview, most of the blunders are created because of this one-to-one interaction. The employer over here tries to adjudge your capabilities and thus, the great amount of blunder is created as you want to appease them. There are no failsafe ways to crack any single interview but there are ways to improve it. Listed below are five essential things you should ...